пятница, 24 апреля 2015 г.


Maya Miretska
Ice cream makes life better! If it didn’t exist someone would have to invent it. Thankfully for me, that burden of expectation has been taken off my shoulders.
We have ice cream! We have life!
Here are 10 reasons why I love this delicious! You also can add your own reasons here! So check them out!

1. Because nothing goes better with a nice cup of black coffee than a few scoops of your favorite ice cream !!!

2. Cause nothing says 'Yes! We're at the Beach!" like an ice-cream breakfast. The kind of thing you know your kids will remember forever.

3.Because it tastes like "home."

4. It's one of the best things about summer (even though you can do it all year round)

5. Happy childhood through high school memories...it was around the corner from my house!!!

6. It's so rich and creamy. Has good flavor.

7. I can make a milkshake out of any flavor and it is always good!

8.Because there are so many yummy flavors and toppings to choose from... it makes everything around even more Phenomenal and colorfull)))

9.It's perfect for when a boyfriend dumps you! At these moments,only ice cream can help you!

10. Do you really need any reasons....I don't! I just love it!
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